MSUnCore - Maximum Satisfiability with UNsatisfiable COREs


MSUnCore is a software system for solving (Weighted) (Partial) Maximum Satisfiability (MaxSAT), and implements a number of different algorithms. Most of the MaxSAT algorithms implemented in MSUnCore are based on iterative identification of unsatisfiable cores.


22/Apr/2013: New Release of MSUnCore which includes bcd2.

07/Jun/2011: New wiki page published for MSUnCore.


MSUnCore is publicly available as an executable for the following platforms:


README file for MSUnCore.

Recent publications describing the algorithms implemented in MSUnCore include:

Recent presentations related to MSUnCore:


  • Weighted/Unweighted (Partial) MaxSAT instances can be obtained from MaxSAT Evaluations.
  • MSUncore accepts both the CNF and WCNF formats (for details on the formats see this page).



The developement of MSUnCore was partially supported by:

European Commission FP7 and Science Foundation Ireland

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