MCSls (MCS lister): MCS computation & enumeration tool


MCSls is a tool for computing and enumerating MCSes.

The relevant publications are:

  • J. Marques-Silva, F. Heras, M. Janota, A. Previti, A. Belov: On Computing Minimal Correction Subsets. IJCAI 2013. Preprint


Apr 23, 2013: New wiki page published for MCSls.


Download binaries (Linux 64bit, MacOSX 64 bit) of MCSls:

Please contact Joao Marques-Silva in case of any queries or bug reports.


Example Usage

1. Computation of all MCSes:

 ./mcsls INSTANCE

2. Help command:

 ./mcsls -h


The problem instances used in our IJCAI 2013 paper are available from The size of this archive is ~1.8GByte. Please contact Joao Marques-Silva in case you are unable to download the archive.

Download binaries (Linux 64bit, MacOSX 64 bit) of CAMUS2:

README describing IJCAI'13 experiments



The research on MCS extraction & enumeration and the development of MCSls were partially supported by Science Foundation Ireland.

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